Palestinian Cultural Resistance & Solidarity Festival

WWU SUPER, SUPER UW, and SeattleU SJP invite you to our virtual Cultural Festival on April 9th 6-8pm.

The festival will include music, dance, comedy, and poetry shared by luminaries from across Palestinian arts and culture.


Maysoon Zayid - Comedy
Adnan Joubran - Music
Jafra Dabke - Dabke
DJ Mansaf Mama
Lena Tuffaha - Poetry
Raya Tuffaha - Poetry
John Halaka - Art


Donations are strongly encouraged! Proceeds go to SUPER UW, WWU SUPER, and Seattle U SJP so we can continue to put on events like this. Suggested donation of 19.48 in remembrance of the Nakba.

Venmo @superuw

Paypal at

Also, support us and local Palestinian business owners by
visiting Gyro & More on Dexter Ave in Seattle on April 9th. 15% of total sales will go towards our work.

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